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iMAAGE 3D Crystal are the photo crystal experts, we have been producing photo crystals and 3D crystal trophies & awards for over 16 years. With thousands of crystals sold since our inception in 2004, we have many satisfied customers not only in Australia but across the globe. Order with confidence, Imaage is Australia’s leading and original supplier of 2D & 3D photo crystals. 

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Angie E.

I was completely astonished with my crystal tower., it looked amazing. I think a perfect gift. The workmanship was excellent and delivery was quick.

Vanessa C.

solutely thrilled with the 3d cube in memory of Sodie-Pop. Amazing so much detail and so lifelike. Congratulations on your excellent customer service over the phone. Helpful and friendly staff such a rare pleasure in today’s business world. I will certainly be purchasing from you again. Thank you all from Vanessa 

Maree T

The product was amazing you captured every aspect and detail of my nana down to a tee! It turned out better then I could have imagined. And the speed of priority post was fantastic could not fault the product or the post. Well done and thankyou for such an extraordinary gift.

Sharon R

I am totally impressed with the Ice Crystal and the layout of the photos as it was a gift for a 60th Birthday and she was so over whelmed. The staff at Imaage were fantastic as I didnt give them much time to get the completed product to me and they gave 110%. Thank you so much. Well worth the money.

Creating stunning crystal photo gifts in a few simple steps

To create one of our spectacular photo crystals all you need to do is select a shape, decide whether you would like a 2D or a 3D Photo Crystal, upload an image and check out through our secure payment gateway, your stunning personalised Photo crystal will be delivered to your door in no time. With our express option, your crystal can be dispatched in as little as 1 to 2 days.

What is a photo crystal?
To put it simply, a photo crystal is an optical crystal that is etched internally using sub-surface laser engraving technology to create a stunning personalized crystal portrait.

What makes our product different from standard laser engraving techniques?
Unlike traditional laser engraving where the image is engraved on the surface of the item, our process engraves the image within the actual crystal, so the image  becomes suspended inside the glass. This process is known as sub-surface laser engraving or (SSLE).

We start with solid blocks of optical glass (a.k.a Optical crystal) which are cut and polished into the desired shape, we then laser engrave the image inside the actual glass. The results are permanent and cannot be scratched or marked from the surface.

Some other common terms to describe our crystal products are;
Laser photo glass
Laser photo crystal
Laser crystal
Laser engraved crystal
3D crystal
3D crystal engraving
photo crystal
Crystal photos
Sub-surface laser engraved crystal

Our Crystal photos are available in 2d and 3d
We offer both 2- dimensional and 3-dimensional crystals to suit your needs. Our 2D crystals are perfect for any 2D images you wish to engrave. With 2D photo crystals your image is etched into the crystal and appears flat from the front and the side, the laser engraved image is approximately 3mm deep

Our 3D crystals are perfect for taking your photos that one step further. We can transform your 2D photos of a person or pet into a 3D crystal. Our designers create a 3D model from your images and the resulting piece gives depth to your image and creates a 180° view of your image.

2D photo crystals are suitable for;
All types of images including images of individuals, groups of friends and family. We can also create 2D photo crystals from images of pets, boats, cars, wedding photos and even pregnancy ultrasounds.

3D Photo crystals are suitable for
Due to the 3D conversion process, we can only offer 3D photo crystals for images of people and pet portraits.

We can create 3D models of buildings and objects however these incur additional charges and multiple images need to be supplied to create a true 3D render.

Whether you choose a 2d or 3d crystal it is important to remember to upload a nice clear image of a reasonable size, around 500kb is usually sufficient. We can only produce a crystal from the image you supply, therefore blurry or out of focus images will result in blurry and out of focus crystals

We look forward to receiving your order and know you will be delighted with the finished product. Please feel free to get in touch, should you have any further queries.