1. Linda

    Quite satisfied, but the picture I submitted had too many people and would of loved more advice when ordering.

    Resting Heart Crystal 3DResting Heart Crystal 3D

  2. Mick Verschaeren

  3. hannah

    The crystal itself turned out to be beautiful and more than I could have imagined. It captures the moment and brings the picture to life with so much detail. I’m very happy that it was definitely worth it as I was initially cautious, not knowing what the outcome would be. The only thing that I was disappointed with is the box casing that the crystal sits inside( the box itself is lovely and protective) as it came with a slight puncture on the bottom side. Overall I got my monies worth and can overlook the box being slightly damaged.

    Large Prestige Crystal 3DLarge Prestige Crystal 3D

  4. hannah

  5. Troy K.

    Awesome product. Very quick turn around.

    50mm Crystal Diamond 2D50mm Crystal Diamond 2D

  6. Jackie Coffey

  7. Jackie Coffey

    Very impressive result. Looks amazing. Very happy. Super fast production and delivery. Arrived within a week of ordering. I will use this company again. It’s even better being in Melbourne, so purchasing products created within Australia.

    Resting Heart Crystal 3DResting Heart Crystal 3D

  8. Kim C.

    Awesome product, super quick turnaround, highly recommend

    Crystal Rectangle 160 3DCrystal Rectangle 160 3D

  9. Allison Vincent-Ohmann (verified owner)

    Flipping amazing! They captured our dogs perfectly and could not wish for a better product! Thank you Imaage this is going to make the perfect Christmas gift!

    40mm Crystal Cube 3D40mm Crystal Cube 3D

  10. Patricia (verified owner)

  11. Patricia (verified owner)

    Little disappointed. I thought I had asked for photo to be inserted from waist up but it is more like from hips up so this makes the heads too close to the top of the cube.

    60mm Crystal Cube 3D60mm Crystal Cube 3D

  12. Amanda Mcgeary (verified owner)

  13. Doris Williams (verified owner)

  14. Kimberley Rawlings (verified owner)

    Absolutely thrilled with my Crystal. Great service from Imaage too!

    60mm Crystal Cube 2D60mm Crystal Cube 2D

  15. Kimberley Rawlings (verified owner)

    This accessory is a must! Really makes the Crystal look it’s best!

    Small Square White LightbaseSmall Square White Lightbase

  16. Arlena C.

    Bought this as a gift for Mother’s Day and my mum absolutely loved it.

    60mm Crystal Cube 3D60mm Crystal Cube 3D

  17. Tania Clapham

  18. Tania Clapham

  19. Anne Moore

    It turned out just perfect. It was replacement for one that was made 5 years ago and it exceeded my expectations.

    Crystal Heart PendantCrystal Heart Pendant

  20. Donna Bush

    Absolutely stunning, my husband passed away a few weeks ago and the crystal heart made me smile.

    The Petite Heart Crystal 2DThe Petite Heart Crystal 2D

  21. Allison Vincent-Ohmann

  22. Allison Vincent-Ohmann

    I item came within weeks of me ordering it which is great since it’s a birthday present! It was fabulously made and I myself WILL be ordering again should someone from my family like this kind of thing! It’s pricey but for what you get i think it’s well worth it! Thank you soooooooooo much! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    50mm Crystal Cube 3D50mm Crystal Cube 3D

  23. sandra h.

    I was very very happy with what I ordered that’s the third time I’ve ordered it very impressed thank you

    Crystal Monolith 3DCrystal Monolith 3D

  24. Elizabeth Carter

    This is my second buy i love them so much!!! memories forever great presents

    Crystal Heart 2DCrystal Heart 2D

  25. Hussein Ayache

    Just wow! The quality of the 3D pic in this small key chain crystal is amazing! I definitely reccomend it and even great as gifts.

    Crystal Keychain 3DCrystal Keychain 3D

  26. Craig Sowinski

  27. Craig Sowinski

    I was shocked at how good your product is! I’ll definitely be buying more as gifts. You make my wife cry seeing her dad again! Thank you.

    Crystal Monolith 3DCrystal Monolith 3D

  28. Ebony Casey

    I got a beautiful memory pendant for my dear grandparents. I’ve had one before that I sadly lost, but believe this come up better as I love the placement of the words. Highly recommend, worth every cent.

    Crystal Heart PendantCrystal Heart Pendant

  29. Debbie

    As always the crystal tower looks great. I have been having these made for my grandchildren with their baby photo as a keepsake. This is my 5th one 🙂

    Crystal Tower 2DCrystal Tower 2D

  30. Anna

    Honestly the best gifts I
    Could get for family and friend, quality is great and the delivery of the product is very fast. Thank you

    50mm Crystal Cube 3D50mm Crystal Cube 3D

  31. Carla

    The crystal was absolutely stunning, thank you so much it was so much more than we could imagine, could not be happier.

    80mm Crystal Cube 3D80mm Crystal Cube 3D

  32. Natasha Quinn

    It was a gift for a friend that she unfortunately had to put her dog down and it was amazing!! I nearly cried when picking it up I didn’t think it would look exactly like the photo!

    60mm Crystal Cube 3D60mm Crystal Cube 3D

  33. Natasha Quinn

    Perfect adds the light to the cube to bring out the magic

    Small Square White LightbaseSmall Square White Lightbase

  34. Anna

    Great add on for the crystal

    Small Square White LightbaseSmall Square White Lightbase

  35. Ross Jacobsen

    I was very pleased with the result and the recipient of the piece , my daughter, was very happy with it saying it was unusual but a great 21st present that will last forever (we hope). I have already given your details to a few people that were interested

    Crystal Rectangle 160 3DCrystal Rectangle 160 3D

  36. Kellie Dickerson

    The customer service can not thank them enough, very helpful and friendly. Differently will be shopping with them again.

    3D Photo Crystal Tower3D Photo Crystal Tower

  37. Rochelle Pratt

    Very easy page to navigate, very quick postage on product!

    Ice Crystal 2DIce Crystal 2D

  38. Rosemary Foy

    Extremely accurate

    Crystal Monolith 3DCrystal Monolith 3D

  39. Rosemary Foy

  40. Anonymous

    great to display precious gifts and protect from dust-looks great when lit up

    Perspex Case with Light base - White LED'sPerspex Case with Light base – White LED’s

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